Forming A Partnership In Retirement With You

Managing The Financial Side Of Retirement…

To help preserve the quality of your lifestyle.

We offer guidance on your options for Medicare, Social Security, income planning, long-term care and managing taxes. We can help you understand how the important financial decisions you make now can impact the future. Our goal is for you to have a sense of certainty and peace of mind you won’t run out of money in retirement.

Transitioning Into Retirement…

With a plan to prepare for the risks you may encounter.

Warner Financial Solutions in Auburn, Nebraska works with people from all walks of life in the “Cornhusker State” and surrounding Midwest area with a focus on helping you transition to retirement. Through our holistic planning approach, we offer strategies to preserve and grow your retirement savings and planning services to reduce the financial impact that market losses, inflation, outliving your money, higher taxes and health care costs can have on the quality of your retirement lifestyle.


Would you like:

More information on Medicare options?
Help maximizing your Social Security benefits?
A plan to protect and grow your savings?
An affordable way to pay for long-term care?
A strategy to pay less in taxes?

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How We Help Individuals, Families And Businesses…

Preserve, protect and grow their wealth.

We started our firm because of so many conversations we had with retirees who told us of their mistakes and regrets just prior to and during their retirement journey. Some had too much market risk or debt. Others filed for Social Security too early, not knowing that if they would have only waited a little longer, they wouldn’t have lost a portion of their eligible benefits. You don’t have to make the same mistakes or have regrets. Let’s begin our partnership!

We specialize in offering retirement risk management strategies through a variety of services.

Retirement income planning, including lifetime income and principal-protection options with annuities
Medicare planning
Social Security maximization
Life and long-term insurance to protect you and your family
Investment management and wealth preservation

We can help. Let’s make a plan

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Our Independent Approach…

To helping you achieve your unique financial goals.

As an Independent Advisor Representative (IAR) and fiduciary, we are committed to working in your best interests and making sure you understand the recommendations we make for your financial and retirement planning needs. We are independent and aren’t tied to any specific companies’ investments or strategies when providing retirement and financial planning services.

Meet Our Founder…

Richard W. Warner, Jr. RICP®

With more than a decade of experience as a financial advisor and investment advisor representative, Richard is a true educator, offering his clients a partnership as he guides them through each step of the retirement-income planning process. He holds his Series 65 and is a licensed insurance agent in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.

The backbone and foundation to Richard’s life is deeply rooted in his Christian faith. He dedicates time to the youth members at the Auburn Berean Church where he teaches Awana periodically during the school year. He also coaches Legion baseball, a sport he believes offers young men important lessons in how to deal with the ups and downs of life. “It’s vitally important in preparing young men for life,” he says.

Married to his wife LeeAnn since 1997, the couple are the proud parents of three sons, Tyler, Kyson and Jackson. Apart from his community involvement and spending time with his family, Richard loves Nebraska Cornhusker football and attends games whenever he can.


Warner Financial’s founder recently appeared on Retirement News Online to discuss the potential impact of market corrections on retirees’ income and the importance of portfolio returns keeping up with inflation. Watch the videos here. You can also find out more about how to protect yourself from these top retirement risks in the information below. Call us with any questions you have!

Income Corrections in Retirement

The sequence of positive and negative annual returns on your assets isn’t always clear to see when you are saving money prior to retirement. But when you begin to use your portfolio for retirement income, dramatic losses during a market correction can intensify the risk of running out of money sooner than you expected.

Our Approach

Our retirement income planning process encourages you to have a diversified portfolio. We offer guaranteed income strategies that can protect a portion of your assets in down markets, while offering potential interest account growth if the market rises.

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Planning for Inflation

Inflation is often a forgotten element in retirement planning. But it can have a big impact as people are living longer. Inflation diminishes purchasing power and increases the costs of services retirees need, namely health care. While inflation has been low in the past decade, it is best to plan using higher long-term averages.

Ways We Can Help

We mathematically project your current expenses and various inflation rates over the next 15 to 30 years to find out how your retirement plan would be impacted. We also look at your investments and asset allocation to ensure your returns are outpacing inflation, and if it makes sense to defer your Social Security benefits.

Retirement Risk Management

Social Security

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Richard Warner is only a cell phone call away. He will even visit you in your home if you would like. Let us know what questions you have and what works best for you. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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